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The APA have devised an online C-19 Guidelines Assessment Test ?? Those who pass the test can be considered for the role of COVID Supervisor by a producer dependent on production experience etc ?? Details and the ?? at our website - open to everyone, not just APA members! https://t.co/v3bxtir7EY
3 weeks ago
Spotted on @Campaignmag COVID-19 Blog - our posters to promote safe practices during shoots as we see a return to work. You can download them for yourself here: a-p-a.net/2020/05/news/d…https://t.co/0QoYVjLL81
3 weeks ago
As part of ensuring that everyone attending a shoot adheres to the APA Covid-19 Shooting Guidelines, we have produced three safety posters for you to put up at locations and studios you shoot at. You can download them all at our website ?? Thanks to @nathalielees_@JellyLondonhttps://t.co/jMyFITRIb6
3 weeks ago
Tying in with #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2020 we're pleased to launch our Wellbeing Directory ?? ?? Get the full details at: bit.ly/2Xa23Fkhttps://t.co/HwVf5E4KG5
4 weeks ago